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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.

It's been a minute




It's been a minute

Tracy Bromwich

The Story

It’s fitting that the title of the most recent post was Sea Change and dated Jan 20, 2018. There have been some changes around here! Most notably, a couple weeks after that post I accepted a full-time position with the Planning Department of a neighboring city. Needless to say, this has had an impact on my weaving schedule!

Nevertheless, things advance. My loom has proven a patient ally as I navigate the limits of my time, energy and attention. It’s a struggle most readers of this blog would be familiar with - the need to meet your commitments, shower your family with love, and find moments that are purely your own. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the years I was able to direct all my energy toward my family and in cultivating the passion I have for fiber, weaving and textile design. I am also thankful for the ambitious warp I had wound onto the loom and for the effort I put into coming into compliance with ASTM standards prior to making this change. What I had originally planned as one double-width project has become two coordinated warps in which is stored hours of joyful weaving and hopefully - for someone - wearing!


Progress is slow but, as with parenting, the little daily motions do add up.


The wefts

There are three pieces available as wraps from this warp. Two are woven with a gorgeous rose yarn that I dyed in lightly variegated shades of blues and soft turquoise. It has a soft glow and a pleasing thickness in hand.


The silk sea cell weft is a bit more playful, with tones of purples, blues and turquoise. It adds a satisfyingly rippled effect to the finish cloth.

DSC_0085 (1).jpg

The remainder of the warp was woven in an 8/2 Egyptian cotton weft. It will become some promised throw blankets for my kids and maybe some pillows.


The wraps

There are three wraps available from the warp:

  • Rose weft 3.3 meters $412.50

  • Rose weft 5.2 meters $650

  • Silk sea cell weft 5.1 meters $637.50

The weft fiber is 60% cotton/40% linen.

If you’re interested in one, feel free to get in touch. I do plan to make the listings live at some point this weekend. But there’s no need to wait on me if you’re eager! I’ve been out of the loop for such a period that I’m not sure what the level of interest will be. If there is a lot of interest, I will do a drawing to be fair!


Here’s a peek at what’s in store on the upper beam. The next chapter of this color story is a transition into a range of kelp-like dark greens. Here’s hoping we see the end to this come to life before the year is up!