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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.

I wonder...

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase one of your wraps?

I will be listing completed wraps for sale in the shop as they are finished. You can check out the blog section to see what is in the works.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The shopping cart system is configured to accept payment by Discover, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. I may look into integrating Paypal in the future but currently it is not an option. If you wish to use your Paypal balance to make a purchase, I suggest linking your Paypal account to a Paypal debit or credit card.

How often do you stock new products in your shop?

Right now, it takes me approximately 2-3 weeks to weave each length of warp that I put on my loom. You can expect a stocking to occur about once or twice a month depending on how busy things are in other areas of my life. Unfortunately, these "other areas of my life" are quite full at the moment. This is likely to change in the fall when my youngest child starts preschool.

Do you take custom orders?

I understand your desire to have a wrap made to your own specifications. This is precisely why I started weaving! I have a passion for design and love the process of developing a concept for a warp. At this point, the time I have for weaving is quite limited and there are many variables along the way that I am still learning to predict. As such, I feel much more comfortable posting for sale wraps once they are already complete. I may open a customs list at some point in the future but I am not open to customs at this time. 

Does your product comply with the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA)?

Absolutely! My wraps are 100% compliant with the safety regulations for Children's Products provided by the CPSA. They have not yet been third-party tested - as textiles (and the CMYK process inks on my labels) are exempt from the requirement for testing for lead and phthalates and the weight of my woven fabric exempts it from flammability testing. When the ASTM standards for infant slings become mandatory, I will be submitting my wraps for performance requirement testing to comply with the regulations.

What is the weight range for your wraps?

My wraps will work with babies and toddlers from 8 to 35 pounds. You may find, as I did, a preference for fiber blends as your child becomes heavier. Linen, hemp and wool can add a lot in terms of support. Weave structure is another consideration. For instance, you might find plain weave to be a bit more supportive than twill. If I produce a wrap that I think would be better for smaller or bigger babies, I will indicate it in the description.

What does your weight in grams/square meter tell me?

The weight of the wrap in grams/square meter is provided to give an indication of the density of the weave. Please keep in mind the variability of this measurement with different types of fiber. 

What type of loom do you have?

I weave on an 8-shaft jack-style floor loom by Macomber. It was built in 1971 and was used by it's previous owner to weave heavy rugs. It is a work horse and one million times more pleasant to use than the Leclerc Nilus I learned on in weaving class.

I have also recently added a 60" Glimakra Standard countermarche loom. It was living disassembled in the corner a UCLA graduate student's bedroom. I brought it back to life, adding a sectional beam among other improvements. It works well for the wraps (I love the higher tension this type of loom allows) but I hope to make full use of all the luxurious width of the loom soon by making some blankets.

What do warp and weft mean?

Warp is the term for the threads that run vertically along the length of a wrap. Weft is the term for the threads that run horizontally.

How do I care for my handwoven wrap?

Cotton and linen blend wraps can be machine washed in cold on gentle and tumbled dried on low heat. They should be washed with a gentle detergent with no bleach or optical brighteners. A steam iron can be used if desired. Wool and silk blend wraps should be hand-washed with a gentle wool soap and hung to dry. Do not wring or twist to removed excess water. Instead, roll the wrap in a large, dry towel to press excess water out. Wool and silk blend wraps may be ironed on a low heat setting - wool can have a little steam.

Will my wrap shrink?

Each of my wraps is wet finished prior to being hemmed - in other words, washed per my instructions. Generally speaking, all shrinkage that is expected to occur will have occurred prior to the wrap being hemmed. However, if the wrap is subsequently washed or dried with high heat, additional shrinkage may occur.

How should I store my wrap?

When not in use, the wrap should be folded and stored in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. When folding your wrap, it is advisable to periodically vary your method of folding. Repeatedly folding the wrap in the same way may create wear in the fibers along the fold lines. 

What is this thread I see poking out of the middle of the fabric?

Chances are, it is the end of a weft change or a warp repair thread. If you see it at the end of a warp or weft section that has doubled threads, it is safe to clip it off close to the fabric. I clip during weaving but these sometimes get loose during the first washing. If it is a broken thread, a repair must be made prior to using the wrap.

What information is contained within the model number?

The model number provided on your tag is comprised of the date of manufacture, (month/day/year), the placement of your wrap in the sequence (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) and the number of wraps woven in the batch (5 or fewer).

Are your wraps allergen-free?

The wraps are woven in a home shared with a cat. While he is a good kitty and stays far away from my yarn and finished work, he likes to pass the day watching me weave and my studio is his favorite place to sleep. Once off the loom, each wrap is washed in an un-scented, eco-friendly laundry soap.


If you have an infrequently asked question that is not addressed above, you may contact Tracy at or message her through the Facebook business page. Thank you!