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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.


I am very fortunate to own a piece of 100% cotton montijello grad ww. It is very different than the cotolin blend I tried. Soft, smooshy, streeeeeetchy, floppy and delicious. It is a twill weave and a thicker handwoven IMO, but probably more medium to medium thick compared to machine wovens. The Cush factor is amazing, it’s like marshmallows on my shoulders. The grad is done in a similar style as the tester I had here, which I love. These wraps have a unique look to their grads that distinguish them IMO. Once again, clean selvages and excellent weaving quality.
— Monti Cruz
I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this wrap. It’s beautiful, soft, cushy. The weaving is flawless. I haven’t found a single skipped thread, weavers knot or bobbin change. The selvedges are so tight and straight that they almost look machine made.
— Jessie Paulsen
How does it wrap? Very easy to use. None of that new, linen blend stiffness. Moldable, slides into place with ease, not overly grippy.
I used it in a dhr(double hammock rebozo),with my 40lb, 3year old ds,for over an hour the other day. Now, usually a one shouldered carry doesn’t last long for me; not with Arctic Vortex though.
There were no pressure point issues or sag.I had to tighten the knot once halfway through, but that wasn’t a big deal.Next, I did a rebozo. Once again, not sag or pressure points,
though I did have to tighten the slipknot again after about 25-30mins. To be fair, a slipknot may not be the best choice for a 40lber?
Finally, I tried it in a RUB(ruck under bum). It really shined in this carry. Cushy, supportive, rock solid, with a bit of bounce, while still being breathable.The knot held fast, no slipping at
all. I had him up for over an hour and felt no digging or sag.
— Kelly Pepper
Pros: I honestly am completely floored by this wrap. Literally every time I wore it, I audibly said “wow.” I am 22 weeks pregnant, carrying a 30+ Lbs two year old, so rarely do I actually feel true weightlessness. Arctic Vortex provided the exact amount a support I needed, balanced with a lovely stretch. It was like there were two plain weaves cuddling us, but not creating any bulk (sorry if that got a little abstract, I am having a hard time actually articulating my love for this wrap.)
Also when I took it out of the bag, I was shocked how soft it was, just buttery goodness, but again completely floored when I learned that the warp was cottonlin, this wrap needed zero breaking in. I am first on this tester route (I am not sure how much it was used before it came to me though).
Cons: I didn’t find one, to be honest, maybe in warmer weather it could be warm, but it is quite airy so maybe not. haha
— Jamie Owens
This wrap is Amaaazing!! <— can I seriously just leave it at that haha.. First thought out of the bag was wow this wrap is soft and I can just see the lush cushyness it had while folded. The cush was even better than I had imagined when I first tossed my toddler up, the passes glided smoothly with just the right amount of grip that it didn’t budge at all. I’m wrapping 34lbs of sometimes not cooperative toddler and this wrap held up to him, I was highly impressed when he pulled his shenanigans that it didn’t sag and that’s a huge win here. It rocked in a single pass carry and a torso carry as well and I just used the extra length as a scarf, after using it for a few days my son was happy to go up and snuggled in each time. He didn’t look too happy when I was packing it up to shipt to the next mama hehe..
— Megan MacDonald
The colors are PERFECT! Selvages-gorgeous. Hems-lovely. And the twill! Oh my, I’m a sucker for a twill weave. It feels heavy in hand—my favorite. But it is also moldable and floppy.
— Rachel Finucane
I felt as though Marine Layer was a nice weight. Not too light as to were I felt I needed more support, but not heavy and dense where it was hard to wrap. It wraps very easily, passes glid nicely and stay in place once you tighten. This wrap is hands down one of the best ruck wraps I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). I was able to get my 33lb toddler up in it (without bribing might I add!) and the straps stayed in place on my shoulder and didn’t move for the extended period of time I did chores in this. I did not experience any digging and he was weightless even in a quick “not so perfect” wrap job. I was really impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of work.
— Erin Strattman