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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.

Instructions for Use

Step 1: With the middle of the wrap at your waist, bring the right side of the wrap over your left shoulder and the left side of the wrap over your right shoulder. This forms an “x” on your back. Make sure that the fabric lays flat on your back and is not twisted. Pull both sides forward to create a pocket in which to place your baby. The pocket should be just large enough to fit your baby.

Step 2:  Hold your baby against one shoulder as you use your opposite hand to slide your baby’s feet through the pocket. Continue to hold your baby with one hand while using the other hand to pull the fabric up your baby’s back. Create a deep seat for your baby. The fabric should extend from the back of your baby’s knees up to his shoulders. Ensure that his knees are positioned level with his hips or slightly higher.

Step 3: Continue to provide support for your baby with one hand while preparing to tie the wrap. Take the fabric hanging from your right shoulder and pull it tightly at each rail and in the center to remove any slack. Bring it down alongside your baby’s body, under his bottom and around to the left, tucking the wrap under his knee. Repeat on the other side.  When you have both tails at your back pull them both and tie with a square knot.  A little bounce after tying the knot halfway can be helpful to position your baby in the wrap. He should be close enough to kiss.

Step 4: You may spread the two crosses of fabric over your baby’s back to provide extra support. You’re ready to go!