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On the Horizon

Tracy Bromwich

This week I have the immense pleasure of attending the ANWG 2017 NW Weavers' Conference in Victoria, BC! I am now 2 days into my 3-day pre-conference workshop on Fiberworks with Margaret Coe and Bob Keates. On Saturday, I will enjoy Stencil Dyeing with Brian Whitehead and round off the weekend learning Tunisian Crochet - something I've wanted to do for at least a year!

A very exciting part of the festivities will be the Wrap Weavers Collaboration at ANWG 2017 - which includes a Signature Style Exhibition and retreat. (Well, that is assuming the above activities allow me any time to retreat!) For this exhibition and superlative competition, we were challenged to define and represent our Signature Style. I posed a challenge to the lovely members of my Facebook Chatter Group, Wonder Woven Love, and asked them to submit an image they found to represent a style they could identify as my own.

I chose from those submitted three images to use as inspiration for a hand-dyed 100% silk warp.

In dyeing the silk, I used a technique that I have been developing to apply the dye in a way that produces subtle shifts in color and tone. Each skein is unique - a variegated yarn with smooth washes of various colors. They are shown below, lined up in the sequence in which they were beamed on the loom.

These photos, taken while measuring the warp, show the subtle blending of color.

green with hints of blue and plum

green with hints of blue and plum

plum with hints of blue and burgundy

plum with hints of blue and burgundy

coral with hints of peach and burgundy

coral with hints of peach and burgundy

The silk skeins were combined in warping in such a way so as to create a smooth gradation among the colors that harmonize. Where deep purple meets the contrasting color of orange, an abrupt line is created between the two. This organization is meant to evoke the horizon as seen during a sunset over the sea - one of the images that provided inspiration for the warp.

The weave I have chosen is a 16-shaft draft from Louis Serrure's Atlas de 4000 Armures (pattern #36232 on The draft is visually quiet with a delicate diagonal pattern that can be discerned without distracting too much from the play of color of the warp - which I wished to be the dominant feature of the design. 

The warp is about 20 yards in total - likely enough for 4 wraps. Two have been promised to those who helped select the inspiration images. One is shown below. An additional wrap may be made in the future if the warp provides enough length.

The piece I am submitting for the Superlative Competition has an Eggplant Egyptian cotton weft. It measures 4.5 meters in length, 72 centimeters in width and weighs approximately 270 grams/m^2. It is incredibly soft and smooth. This wrap will be on display at our booth in the vendor hall and will be available for purchase by draw following the conference. See below for details on entering to purchase this wrap.


Warp: 20/2 mulberry silk - hand-dyed in shades of burgundy, plum, coral, orange, yellow, purple, teal and green

Weft: 8/2 Eggplant Egyptian cotton

Weave: 16-shaft twill variation

4.5 meters and approximately 270 grams/m^2. $562.50 + shipping