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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.






Tracy Bromwich

The newest warp on the countermarche loom is mostly Egyptian cotton - there are some cotton and organic cotton yarns in the mix to broaden the color palette. My spring colorway, it transitions smoothly from deep plum to coral, taking a brief detour through a silver-green that adds some brightness through the center. Complementary and contrasting colors are mixed into each section for a highly pinstriped, very colorful warp.

The sett is approximately 24 EPI. It has been threaded with the same 8-shaft crackle draft that was used for Escapade. I would consider this warp to be the cousin of Escapade. 

I am holding a drawing for semi-custom spots on the warp and will offer as many as the warp length permits. I have approximately 50 meters available - with 4 meters presently claimed. The maximum length per entry is 5.2 meters. Wefts may be selected from those shown below or we can discuss other options you may have in mind.

the warp

the warp


For wefts, I have sampled lace-weight superwash wool and wool/silk blends, plus cottolin, cotton and hemp/cotton in a number of colors. I'm really liking the softer tones with this warp - the silver, greenish-grey and light purple complement the warp colors nicely.


I started off the weft testing with a custom-dyed yarn that I created in shades drawn directly from the warp. This yarn is a deliciously soft and lightweight 75% superwash merino/25% mulberry silk. The colorway would also be lovely in superwash wool, silk or silk/linen. I am attempting to reproduce it with fiber reactive dyes on pima cotton...we'll see how that turns out!

superwash wool/mulberry silk - dyed to match the warp

superwash wool/mulberry silk - dyed to match the warp

In addition to the yarn I dyed, I sampled some Phydeaux Designs 80% superfine merino wool/20% silk yarns that pair beautifully with the warp. I have very limited yardage in these colorways - think shorty or ring sling piece if you're interested in these wefts. But if there is something you love, we can work on dyeing something custom.

These wefts are expected to produce a wrap in the range of 285 grams/m^2.

Phydeaux Designs Nectar 80% Superfine merino wool/20% silk

Phydeaux Designs Nectar 80% Superfine merino wool/20% silk

Phydeaux Designs Peach Blossoms 80% Superfine merino wool/20% silk

Phydeaux Designs Peach Blossoms 80% Superfine merino wool/20% silk

Phydeaux Designs Calypso 80% Superfine merino/20% silk

Phydeaux Designs Calypso 80% Superfine merino/20% silk

Below are photos with these lovely variegated yarns shown together. From the top: Phydeaux Designs Calypso, followed by Phydeaux Designs Peach Blossoms,  Phydeaux Designs Nectar, and finally the superwash merino/silk that I hand-dyed.


Superwash Wool

Next up are the superwash wools. I sampled some that I had on hand that were more tonal variations in color as opposed to variegated - to show the difference in the appearance. The one that I think really captures the spirit of the warp is MadelineTosh's Silver Leaf. It really picks up the hint of green through the center of the colorway. I have many skeins of this one, but the quantities are very limited with the others.

These wefts are expected to produce a wrap in the range of 290 grams/m^2.

MadelineTosh Tosh Lace Silver Leaf

MadelineTosh Tosh Lace Silver Leaf

The photo below shows all the superwash wool wefts together. From the top: MadelineTosh Tosh Lace in Silver Leaf and Calligraphy, followed by a superwash wool that I dyed in a variegated colorway, then MadelineTosh Tosh Lace in Stovepipe, MadelineTosh Tosh Lace in Purple Basil, and Phydeaux Designs Pomegranate superwash wool.


Cotton and Linen

Next up are the cottolins. I chose these because I love a little bit of linen and they also offer some colors not seen in the cotton yarns. Many of these colors can be reproduced as a custom-dyed yarn in any fiber.

From the top and right pirn: greenish grey, silver, silver blue, plum, hibiscus, coral, light melon and light peach organic cottolin. 

The weights for these will likely be in the range of 330 grams/m^2. 

Below are two series of cotton samples. The first shows from the top and right pirn: Raspberry Egyptian cotton, red cotton, coral Egyptian cotton, bright coral Egyptian cotton, bright green cotton, light green cotton, teal cotton, greenish grey Egyptian cotton, silver mercerized cotton, silver cotton, natural Egyptian cotton.

The second group of cottons. From the bottom and the pirn on the right: deep plum Egyptian cotton, plum cotton, purple Egyptian cotton, periwinkle Egyptian cotton, Orchid egyptian cotton, lavender Egyptian cotton and Burgundy Egyptian cotton.

I found a bit of hemp/cotton I had dyed silver that I thought I would try while I was sampling. Here is the result. This will likely end up in the range of 325 grams/m^2.


Weft Fiber Choices and Prices

  • Cotton weft $105/meter 
  • 40% hemp/60% cotton in natural $105/meter
  • Egyptian cotton, mercerized cotton or cottolin $110/meter
  • 10/2 Organic Pima cotton in natural $120/meter
  • 65% linen/35% silk in natural $135/meter
  • 70% silk/30% sea cell or Mulberry silk in natural $140/meter
  • Australian organic merino wool in natural or Mulberry $140/meter
  • hand-dyed lace-weight superwash wool or wool/silk blend $140/meter

*Natural yarns may be hand-dyed for an additional fee of $75.

To enter the drawing, please complete the form below. Drawing is limited to one entry per person - please only enter for yourself. I will randomly select entries on Sunday, March 12 at 9 PM Pacific and will notify winners by email. Wefts that are available in limited quantities will be assigned in the order that entries are selected. I will contact everyone whose entry is selected and - in cases where the weft has already been assigned - give you an opportunity to select an alternate weft. A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the estimated cost of your wrap is due within 24 hours to secure your place on the warp. Special order yarns will require payment for the yarn up front. Full payment for the wrap will be due upon completion - which is estimated to be within 8-10 weeks. Please add more time for special order or hand-dyed yarn.

*This drawing is now closed*