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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.

An Orange Blanket

AJD Orange Blanket and Pillows. Handwoven with 100% machine-washable certified organic merino wool hand-dyed by the students. 


Each child was given a skein of undyed yarn pre-soaked in a vinegar solution and asked to dye it using cake dyes. They chose from reds/yellows/oranges and mixed them with water to create a dye solution. They applied the dye using a number of different methods, such as spraying, pouring, painting and dabbing with a sponge. The skeins were heated to set the dye, washed, dried, and wound onto the floor loom, which is a traditional Swedish countermarche loom. The fabric of the blanket and pillows was designed to showcase each individual child’s work and each child has their own stripe. It is handwoven in plain weave with a natural weft.