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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.

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indigo v.2 semi-custom list

I've made a lot of progress with the second organic indigo-dyed warp! If you missed version 1, you can read about it here. For this one, I started with 10/2 Organic Upland bright white combed cotton. Like v.1, it has been dyed in small organic indigo vats over several weeks - allowing the vat time to rest between sessions. The warp has a full range of blues and a lovely contrast with the bright white bits that were left un-dyed.

The warp has been beamed at 28 ends per inch. It is 42 yards in length and should yield 26 meters of finished cloth. The weave is based on the draft below, which I developed by modifying the draft for Escapade to accommodate a 28 thread repeat. To give a sense of scale for the pattern, the width of one diamond shape is equal to 2" on the loom. 

the skeins, wound into cakes

the skeins, wound into cakes

the warp on the loom

the warp on the loom

sample piece with natural Egyptian cotton weft

sample piece with natural Egyptian cotton weft

I have woven a sample piece to test the EPI and to get an idea of the density and feel of the final cloth. This piece has a natural Egyptian cotton weft. It is soft and smooshy with a very nice diagonal stretch. It weighs approximately 289 grams/m^2. This is likely to be the most dense of the weft choices. For very fine wefts, I will recommend a sample piece be woven to verify the density will work for you.

I prefer to work with natural, un-dyed yarns for this project. I really love the natural weft against the back-drop of blues (though I could be convinced to use a dark blue Tsumugi silk!). Fiber choices are as follows:

Egyptian cotton $110/meter

40% hemp/60% cotton $110/meter

Jaggerspun superwash lambswool merino $120/meter

10/2 organic Pima cotton* $120/meter

Organic merino wool $130/meter

65% silk/35% linen $135

70% silk/30% sea cell $140/meter

Mulberry silk $140/meter

*yarn is available in a very limited quantity - may be enough for a mid-length wrap, probably not more.



If you are interested in a wrap from this semi-custom warp, please complete the form below. Please note, this is not a drawing. Only enter for the piece you wish to have made. I will close the list when I have allocated 85% of warp. I always feel better when there's a bit of room on the end for unforeseen issues!  I will contact you to discuss your weft choice. A deposit in the amount of 10% of the cost of your wrap is due when I am ready to begin weaving your piece. The balance is due upon completion - which is expected to be within 4-6 weeks.



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