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wonder woven LLC

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Exquisitely crafted handwoven wraps for wearing your baby or toddler.

yuzu draw

Yuzu is listed in the shop and ready to ship out! Each wrap will be available to purchase by draw. You may enter the draw by completing the form below. A comment on the Facebook page or in the wonder woven love chatter group is not obligatory but it will help me track you down should your entry be chosen. Please enter the draw only one time and only for the specific length and weft that you would most like to buy. The draw will close at 6:00 PM Pacific on Friday. Shortly after, I will randomly select one entry for each wrap and email the winner a password to access the Yuzu listing page where they may purchase the wrap. This page will be closed to the general public for 24 hours to allow each person enough time to do so. However, after 24 hours, the password will expire and any wraps that were not purchased will become available to anyone who happens to come along. I'll probably give a heads-up in the chatter group to let you know whether any wraps are remaining. Please be aware that payment through my website is by credit card only - it is not set up to accept payment through Paypal. However, if you win the draw and must pay with Paypal, just let me know - I can add a button or invoice you. Thank you and good luck!

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For more information on each wrap and images of each, click on the photo below.